Kultured.Kitchens is a artisan dinnerware brand specializing in marrying the rich history of International culture and design, with the elegance of high-end tableware. From creator to consumer, we redefine the dining experience by making culture center stage. A family run company, we approach business with a unified goal; "build an array of heirloom quality dinnerware, which will enable our clients to experience the essence of culture and history through their food.”  We believe that the most beautiful and enduring stories are the ones we share over a dinner with loved ones, and we aim to use our one-of-a-kind dinnerware as a venue for people to reflect and craft meaningful dialogue. Our goal is simple: add culture and beauty to tables around the world and we do this by producing products designed to tell stories that connect our customers to their tradition.

Kultured.Kitchens is the brainchild of Adowah Olabisi, a socially conscious entrepreneur who had the vision of creating dinnerware that had an aesthetic appeal while maintaining an intrinsic cultural value. An avid history enthusiast, Adowah, while tracing her family history to the shores of West Africa, grew increasingly intrigued by the intricate handmade Malian cotton fabric, Bògòlanfini. The labor intensive process, which can take several days, culminates with the creation of symbolic messages intended to display cultural identity and pride. The importance and meaning behind these messages is what led Adowah to recreate this element of West African culture on dinnerware and was confident that she could design a product that everyone had access to.

Why Kulture

The home-décor industry has traditionally ignored aspects of African culture that are meaningful to us. Many times, these "African inspired" designs have no cultural or spiritual significance and are rarely made in their counties of origin. We couldn't find any dinnerware designs that accurately represented us and the people in our community—a missed opportunity, given how important home décor is to crafting a narrative about one’s identity. To fill that void, we designed a line of plates, bowls, and mugs that tell a story about the diverse people in our community. We extensively research the origins of each pattern and symbol, ensuring that our designs are accurate representations of the community they come from.

Why Heirloom Quality is Important

The majority of Africans brought to America as enslaved people were stripped of their culture, language, and traditions. While many of them did pass on knowledge, few had the resources or luxury to hand down heirlooms or create collections. Today, families of color are creating heirlooms for future generations and are looking for items that share their desire for representation. With a heart that is all about you, your story, and experiencing beautiful moments in real time, we are inspired  to wake up everyday to provide our customers with a contemporary dinnerware experience that embraces cultural diversity and builds community.