Making memories, one dish at a time. That is the essence of Kultured.Kitchens, a unique dinnerware brand specializing in crafting stories through culture by marrying the history African design with the functionally tableware. A family owned business, Kultured.Kitchens was founded in 2019 with the aim of becoming a conduit of individual and collective healing through the beauty of cultural expression. More than just a typical plating company, we believe memorable moments happen around the dinner table and the plates you use should be as creative as the stories you share.

Each pattern references the power and sacred energy of the earliest form of communication, Bògòlanfini (mudcloth). The ancient communication of natural materials ― the iron-rich mud of river-beds, the extracts of leaves, bark, and roots, and the energy of the intense West African sunlight intricately illustrate the history of a family, a people, and a culture. These abstract, culturally-meaningful patterns weave protective and curative powers in-between each meticulously placed symbol. So potent was this cloth ― dyed in a lengthy, labor-intensive, spiritual communion with the earth  ― that it alone has the power, the mystical resilience and strength, to hold the amulets of the healer and the hunter. Ideal for special occasions but suitable for daily use, our dinnerware brings artistry and soul to any tablescape


“Bogolan cloth is literally made of the earth, forests, rivers and sun of Mali."

— Kandiora Coulibaly, Groupe Bogolan Kasobane