3 Ways ( besides food) to Make your Table Stand Out!

Tablescaping, the art of dressing a table, is something everyone can do, no matter the size of your dining table, the types of flatware you own, or your overall style. One of the best things about this trend is that there no set rules - it's essentially a creative outlet with instant gratification. A beautifully set table isn't just pretty to look at: It gives diners a mood boost.


First, Find Your Inspiration!!!

The first step is to find your inspiration. Pintrest is a great place to start, but inspiration can come from anywhere. You can be inspired by the season, a holiday, a place, or a color/pattern. Think outside of box and infuse objects you have already laying around your home.

Next, Gather your materials....

No matter what you choose, it’s best to go into creating a tablescape with a plan of which materials you use. Here’s some basic things you may want to incorporate:

Basics: Dishes, Silverware, Glasses, Napkins, Runner/Tablecloth
Décor: Candlesticks, Mirrors, Candlesticks, Glassware,
Serving ware/Flowers/Branches: Can be Faux or Natural!

Then, Choose Your Base!

Before you begin, choose a tablecloth, runner, or whatever will lay the base or foundation for creating your tablescape. It can be fun to think of off-the-beaten-path ideas or use any element for creating tablescapes. One of my favorite things to use as a table runner is craft paper in which guests can then write on. We love to do this on Thanksgiving or any holiday that the family gets together! I’ve also seen people use blankets and scarves, which is a fun trick. Just remember to be creative!

Setting a beautiful table is especially important now that things have changed and gatherings and are smaller. No matter the size of the occasion; large or small, these tips will turn any table into a memorable experience. Even if it’s not a big event, you can still make it feel intimate and special!




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